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National Training & Guides

The Tennessee Fair Elections Coalition works with the Principles of Election Integrity Network (EIN) to network throughout our nation to make our nation's elections fair, transparent, and secure. 

Election Integrity Network (EIN)

Citizen's Guide To Building An Election Integrity Infrastructure

Since the 2020 general election, there has been a national citizens’ movement to learn about the election systems in our country and to understand what happened in 2020. The powers-that-be in America don’t want citizens to discuss the 2020 election or to question the process.

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Public Interest Legal Foundation's

Critical Condition Report

This report seeks to give Americans data-driven information of what is broken in our election systems and to think about ways to fix those problems and remedy our vulnerabilities.

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Who's Counting Podcasts

Who's Counting Podcasts with Cleta Mitchell

From think tanks and legislative offices in Washington DC, to activists’ kitchen tables in all 50 states, Election Integrity Network is a broad coalition of groups, elected officials and staff, and individuals who believe protecting the vote of every American is a moral and patriotic imperative.

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