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Tennessee Fair Elections Coalition

Our Mission is to:

  • Make  it easy to vote and hard to cheat in the State of Tennessee.

  • Provide a resource to legislators and heads of state so they understand what is happening on the ground.

  • Protect the state's constitutional system that grants primary authority for election systems and administration to the state, not the federal government.

  • Create a resource that supports and sustains groups, leaders, public officials, and grassroots activists in Tennessee to be permanently engaged in protecting voting rights and the integrity of Tennessee's elections.

What is Election Integrity 

Election Integrity safeguards the privacy and security of ballots for all Tennessee voters. It ensures that every citizen's legal right to vote in a free and fair election is protected without concerns about individual or institutional fraud, physical or verbal intimidation, vote trafficking ("harvesting"), buying of votes, ballot manipulation at election offices, voting by non-citizens, or any political activism that alters, coerces, or negates a citizen's right to vote.

The Tennessee Fair Elections Coalition (TFE) is part of the Election Integrity Network (EIN). Our network provides opportunities to develop and share research and information, develop policy proposals, and create legal strategies.

TFE's strategy includes:

  • Local County Task Forces.

  • Weekly Statewide Coalition calls via Zoom

  • Statewide Working Groups

  • National Working Groups

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