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TN Legislative Election Summary

 HB1955/SB2586  - 3rd party voter registration, initially modeled after FLA SB90 this was stripped of most of its content at the direction of the State Coordinator of Elections citing potential legal challenges. Action pending, expected to pass.

House Local Government Committee for 3/26/2024

Senate State/Local Government Committee calendar 3/27/2024


HB1799/SB1706  - Zuck Buck 2.0 Despite concerns raised last spring this bill could not receive support to adopt the HEP/Heritage model/amendment in any form. There was absolutely zero interest in prohibiting the third parties as presented in the HEP language nor any restrictions on Election Administrators from engaging in associations, conferences, Webinars, trainings, etc.


Summary: Will require Election Administrators to report any attendance for training outside the state within 15 days to the State Election Commission: funding source, who, where of event. 3/20/24 passed Senate State/Local, amendment not yet available. 3/26/24 House Local Gov’t will reconcile to the Senate to pass.


HB2391/SB2524 - Nursing home voting shortened 29-27 days.

                        Passed full House floor vote. On Senate calendar


HB1837/SB1745- Data collection on college campuses.

                       Amended, places guardrails to keep data from

                       Catalyst et al

                       Passed House and Senate. Waiting for the Governor to 



HB2294/SB1967  - Absentee application request changed from 10 to 7 days

                         Passed and signed by the Governor- public chapter 560


HB2034/SB2568   Redesigns temporary drivers license to distinguish

                        Non-citizen ID, Senate sent to summer study


HB0835/SB0137 Voter List Roll Maintenance

                      Fiscal note by Coordinator of Elections may likely kill this



As introduced, requires the coordinator of elections to compare the statewide voter registration database with those of other relevant state agencies and county records when compiling information to distribute to the county elections commissions for purposes of purging voters who have moved; requires the coordinator of elections to compare the statewide voter registration database with the department of safety database to ensure non-United States citizens are not registered to vote in this state. - Amends TCA Section 2-2-106 and Section 2-2-141.


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