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  • This bill is intended to bring transparency for the SoS and the Public regarding Election Administration. It is important to know who may be influencing our elections through conferences or training


  • In recent years many new non-profits and for- profit groups have been engaging election officials across the country at conferences and other events.


  • Many of these groups conduct advocacy that may or may not align with our own TN Election Codes and policies.


  • For instance, some groups advocate for same day voter registration and all mail in ballots. TN does not.


  • In fact, the Federal Government is currently investigating some activities with groups that have presented at election conferences that have themselves engaged in censoring the American people.


  • This bill simply allows the public to know the who, what, and where of conferences that our election officials attend and those who speak at such events.


  • This would include in person and/or webinar type activities and associations that an election official joins as a part of their role as an election official.


  • None of these activities to be reported extend beyond the scope of the Election Officials intended purpose to enhance their duties that represent their Election Offices.

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