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Below is an timeline/action history of the efforts we made to support EIN and Heritage's efforts utilizing  resources such as HEP, Capital Research, Verity Vote, EIN, CHA, etc. despite those efforts the following concerns remain:


1. 3rd Party data mining and specifically targeted demographic Voter Registration/GOTV. Our attempts to amend TCA was greatly diluted



2. 3rd Party Influence on Election Offices, no Zuck Buck 2.0


3. Non citizens voting in elections.




1.  April 23, 2023: First email exchange to raise the issues in #1 & 2 above in April 2023 to Chair of Sub Committee House


2. July and Sept: Meetings with the Chair


3. October 18: Presentation to State GOP election Commission regarding 3rd party influence in TN elections.


4. October 26: Meeting with local GOP on 3rd party influencers: at that meeting a member of the Board of Regents came forward concerned about the data mining on college campuses, it was here that we gained support to limit this activity and ultimately passed HB1837/SB1745.


5. November 1, 2023: meeting with the SoS, State Coordinator of Elections, House Chair.

     * Discussed "New Workforce Advisory Council"  concerns that our Wilson CO Adm. was a member

     * Discussed Verity Vote (Heather Honey) white paper regarding data mining on College campuses

     * Discussed Capital Research & HEP report on the US Alliance concerns of rise of non profits in State/County election offices.


6. December 15, 2023 Meeting with State Coordinator of Elections

     * Discussed and presented the concerns regarding 3rd party voter registration, need to adopt the HEP Zuck Buck 2.0 bill in some form 



7. January 26, 2024: Meeting State Coordinator of Elections

     * Discussed amendments to restrict 3rd party voter registration

     * Discussed HEP Zuck Buck 2.0 needs


8.  April- March: ongoing meetings in person, phone, emails to legislators and the State Coordinator of Elections regarding the above concerns.


9.  March 2, 2024: Email to State Coordinator of Elections regarding concerns of TN use of expired voter id requirements. (see attached response)



10. Ongoing: Citizenship: HB0835 (see attached) State Coordinator of Elections has placed a high fiscal note on this bill. This bill was withdrawn last year bc of this fiscal note. 


There are many more vulnerabilities in areas of administration, vote centers, non citizen voting etc that we have not had the resources to address. 



Kathy Harms

Speak the Truth Even if Your Voice Shakes

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